Edition of 100

Published September 2019
Front - back cover in collaboration with Logan Bellew
Cover: soft (tree free favini 300 gsm)
Dimensions: 21 x 14.9 xcm 
Pages: 147

CYPRUSBOUND is an artist’s book by Othonas Charalambous published in Nicosia, Cyprus. Comprised of a selection of entries from a personal journal, the book unfolds in chronological order presenting unfiltered glances in processes of migration, relocation and displacement through lived experience. Exploring errantry and exile, distance and displacement, wonderment and regret, the book grapples with encounters of hostility, discomfort and confusion while being a young adult and walking a line between free agency and de facto circimstances established by the powers at play. Through nuanced and often intertwined narratives of inescapable mistakes, unexpected disasters and sordid truths, expectation meets disenfranchisement, motivation encounters resistance and exhaustion gives way to radical rethinkings of self - agency.

The series of performance readings initially planned to launch the project have been indefinitely postponed with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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