Home Sling Home 
Fetishization of Place in Displaced Mind 

Images Mirka Katsouri

to fetishize 
a. To have an excessive and irrational commitment to something
b.To be excessively or irrationally devoted to (an object, activity, etc)
c. To make something the object of a sexual fetish 

The title Home Sling Home is a playful spin on the popular expression that has been altered to make reference to the two central ideas being explored through the various works; place and object - home and sling.  

Living in a temporary dwelling. Moving from one place to another; forbidding conditions to a bond. An inability to develop an attachment to one’s home. Desire blossoms into lust; before long a devoted obsession ensues. Just once, to feel still. To drop anchor. To fall to the ground, and, to lay there. To grow roots.
The works offer an exploration of displacement through various ways through which an attempt is made to adverse its effects. The unattainable home manifests as a fetish. The drive wants to go on being satisfied. An awareness of the provisional nature of one’s own dwelling. The irrelevance of the word own. A  continuous sense of loss of security. A continuous sense of loss of security.     A             continuous                           sense                                     of                                                      loss                                                               of                                                                         security.


                                  A home that is not accessed. 

                                                    A home that is not known;   

          a home in memory,                       or        home inside distance

                        as one wishes to define it        

 As absolute belonging      

          As belonging absolutely     



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