Letters From Cyprus

2017 - 2018

A series of works that trace a written correspondence between London and Cyprus, alongside the nuanced circumstances under which the letters are written, transforming them into short videos that explore the visual, sonic and biorhythmic substance of communication.

Exploring notions of distance and intimacy and how these factor into the way individuals can communicate with loved ones - physically detached but emotionally attached - processes of reconfiguring letters into short videos whilst preserving their original (written) contents take on a new form of narrative storytelling while the intimate feelings and thoughts that precede the writing process become divulged intentionally or unintentionally. 

The visual scope of the work offers access to several locations around Cyprus where the letters are written, filmed entirely on an iPhone and on a constant state of mobility, whilst the sonic core of the project consists of multiple layers of vocal narrations delicately arranged on top of each other in varying volume outputs as written word transforms into intimate confession woven in an intricate scope of encirclining sounds preserved in their ephemaral states.

Created specifically with the intention of being instagrammable each video has a duration of no more than 60 seconds each and was regularly uploaded in sequential order in order to form fragments of a broader narrative. As ‘sharing’ and ‘posting’ become part of a collective digital vocabulary, the work performs a play on words through posts shared on social media resulting from content which has been ‘posted’ through the mail. Turning letters to loved ones, a gesture inherently intimate, into short videos is aimed towards challenging the role and function of any social media platform in intimate exchanges, exploring whether these can serve as spaces of enhanced intimacy conditioned entirely by the manner of its use through digital letters.  

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