One Life Down and Eight to Go    

Garage Project Space

May - June 2018

Curated by Evagoras Vanezis

‘One Life Down and Eight To Go’ is the title of Othonas Charalambous’ second solo show. The works presented were created over the past year, with Charalambous using new techniques, materials and mediums. Thematically, the works deal with personal experiences and their inherent capacity to become spaces of a shared sensibility.  

The title is indicative of the affirmation of all contours of life and the transformative experiences brought on by the passage of time. It is this attitude that reveals the strength of declaring that one life is already down and inspires his style of working with collected elements - material traces of memories - that are attached to both beautiful and difficult emotions.

[Text Evagoras Vanezis, May 2018]

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