Perceiving Landscape(s)  

KORAI Project Space, Nicosia, CY 

Curated by Othonas Charalambous, Nicolas Lambouris, Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert 

IAPT Photobook 2021: Perceiving Landscape(s) is the third edition of the photobook exhibition organized by the International Association of Photography and Theory.

From idiosyncratic activations of memory and intersections of personal experiences with archival imagery to ambiguous abstractions of scientific data, Perceiving Landscape(s) examines how contemporary photographic and publishing practices seek to engage in explorations of landscapes, both physical and otherwise, to negotiate modes of landscape accessibility and to provide insight into new and potential processes of sensing, understanding or conceiving landscape in its nuanced complexities.

Participating artists:
Arturo Soto (NL), Bojan Mrdenović (HR), Stipan Tadić (HR), Efrem Zelony Mindell (US), Elaine Pessoa (BR), Eva Brunner (DE), Florian Glaubitz (DE), George Salameh (GR), Ilan Kelson (BR), Ilias Lois (GR), Jessica Auer (UK), José Diniz (BR), Juliana Jacyntho (BR), Lars Dyrendom (SE), Lucas Lenci (BR), Marcelo Costa (BR), Mario Lalau (BR), Michael Crocker (UK), Natasha Ganme (BR), Nicos Philippou (CY), Christiana Stylianou (CY), Norma Vieira (BR), Sandra Köstler (DE), Sheung Yiu (FI), Sonia Dias (BR), Thomas Kneubühler (AT) 

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In Pursuit of Profusion 

exhibition text

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